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Diango Hernández

22 Jan - 11 Mar 2006

Diango Hernández
January 22 - March 12, 2006

The artistic work of Diango Hernández (*1970) is not restricted on to one medium. He works with discovered found materials and objects, with texts and fragments of texts, with water colours and oil paint, all of which he combines furthermore. Thereby In terms of content, hhis works deal in terms of the content with his own origins from in Cuba and his personal experiences during the economic crisis after that followed the collapse of the Sreal-socialistic systems in Eastern Europe. At the same time Hernández reflects about on the mechanisms and promises of other prevalent political systems. Above all, the artist approaches it is the subject of improvisation and of the provisional in times of social crisies,, which the artists takes on in his objects, drawings and water colour paintings. His works also contains also fantastic and romantic elements, which subtly point outhighlight subtly in their relationship with the political and historical situation from which they they came from, and the subversive and humorous naturerous of the work.

Diango Hernández will produce especially new works for the exhibition at the Kunsthalle, which will be developed during his studio residence here in Basel.

© Diango Hernández
''Drawing (there are many things in the air... and all of them are for free)'', 2005
Radio, wire, table with marks
Courtesy Frehrking Wiesehöfer, Cologne

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