Kai 10

Transformed Objects

29 Jan - 17 Apr 2011

Transformed Objects
Installation view
Photo: Achim Kukulies
Curators: Zdenek Felix, Ludwig Seyfarth
29 January - 17 April, 2011

John Bock
Jürgen Drescher
Rachel Harrison
Alicja Kwade
Thomas Rentmeister
Margret Wibmer

Puzzling metamorphoses and transformations are phenomena met with more and more frequently in contemporary art. Although they are not direct appropriations or references, Surrealist concepts of art are indeed recollected when present-day artists playfully combine found objects or come up with unusual applications for materials. Behind the surface, the subconscious, the mysterious, and the indefinable are sought, while ambiguous elements and symbols appear in paintings, sculptures, and installations. Often, slight shifts of the usual order and nature of things can, all of a sudden, make the everyday seem alien and disturbing. These tendencies are expressed in particular through the production of objects — half-sculpture, half-assemblage — in which the encounter of contradictory meanings in the same work also formally manifests as incoherency or dissonance. In its presentation of three-dimensional objects, sculptures, installations, and photographs created between 2000 and today by six international artists, the exhibition Transformed Objects in KAI 10 traces these tendencies.

Tags: John Bock, Jürgen Drescher, Rachel Harrison, Alicja Kwade, Margret, Thomas Rentmeister, Ludwig Seyfarth