Hunt Kastner


26 Jun - 26 Aug 2009

view of the exhibition
from the left: Josef Bolf, Viktor Kopasz
view of the exhibition
from the left: Eva Kotatkova, Jan Serych
view of the exhibition
from the left: Tomas Dzadon, Tomas Vanek, Daniel Pitin, Lena Knilli
Tomas Vanek, Particip 94, 2009
Jiri Thyn, untitled, b/w photograph, 2009
Micheal Thelenova, Nothing But the Truth, 2009
digital photographs of the artists birth certificate,
wedding liscense and birth certificate of her daughter
Cesar Martinez, Sex Art Martinez, 2009
wax bust
view of the exhibition
view of the exhibition
from the left: Veronika Bromova, Zbynek Baladran,
Petra VArgova, Josef Bolf
view of the exhibition
from the left: Alena Kotzmannova, Jan J. Kotik
hunt kastner is pleased to present the exhibition entitled Something of Myself, a group exhibition specifically conceived for the gallery as moves into the 4th summer of its existence. All the artists that have exhibited with the gallery from 2006-9 (22 artists and 1 artist group), were requested to submit a self-portrait for the exhibition – the only requirement being that the work be something new or that had not been previously exhibited. The final 23rd participant is the gallery itself, whose identity is best illustrated by its exhibition program and artists.
The exhibition includes a wide range of interpretations of the manifestation of self-identity: there is the self-portrait as a projection, a self-study, a fantasy, a narrative or the metaphorical self. The mediums used also run the whole gamut from photography, painting, objects, slide-projection, computer-generated digital prints, collage, text- and audio-based works. The works are expressive, humorous, enigmatic, awkward, stimulating, fantastical, frightening, embarrassing, perplexing, earnest and, above all, genuine. None of these works should be considered as the definitive self-portrait. They are fragments of the individual that are part of a larger whole, glimpses into the depths of existence from a certain angle or point of time; they provide clues to the uniqueness of the individual, and demonstrate the timeless process of questioning who we really are.
How do contemporary artists see themselves today? Is the genre of the self-portrait still alive and well? If the self-portrait is viewed not only as a reflection of the individual artists, but also of the period in which they live, than what does this collection of works say about our society today? - We leave this up to the viewers to decide for themselves.

With works by: Zbyněk Baladrán, Josef Bolf, Veronika Bromová, Tomáš Džadoň, Lenka Klodová, Lena Knilli, Viktor Kopasz, Eva Koťátková, Jan J. Kotik, Alena Kotzmannová, César Martínez, Daniel Pitín, Podebal, Jiří Příhoda, Jan Šerých, Štepánka Šimlová, Jiří Skála, Michaela Thelenová, Jiří Thýn, Tomáš Vaněk, Petra Vargová, Lenka Vítková.


Tags: Zbynek Baladran, Josef Bolf, César, Viktor Kopasz, Eva Koťátková, Alena Kotzmannova, Daniel Pitin, Jan Serych, Jirí Skála, Michaela Thelenova, Jiri Thyn, Tomas Vanek