Hayward Gallery

Olivier Castel

17 Apr - 04 Aug 2013

Imaginary Lives and Louise Weiss: Eight Hearts
17 April - 4 August 2013

An exhibition by London-based French artist Olivier Castel, for which he assumes the identity of 'Louise Weiss'.

The exhibition begins in the Hayward Gallery cafe Concrete and seeps down into the car park underneath the gallery, via the lift.

Castel usually exhibits under various names and has created over 30 different identities since 2001 - here using Louise Weiss. His works frequently incorporate projections, reflective surfaces, light, posters and audio to create ephemeral or temporal forms. These function as a set of propositions, suggesting possible fictions and exploring the process of making something visible.

Olivier Castel Imaginary Lives and Louise Weiss Eight Hearts are part of a series of artists' projects organised by the Hayward Gallery's exhibitions team in Concrete, the Hayward's café / bar. Previous projects have featured work by: George Eksts, Yu-Chen Wang, Adam Thompson, Sara Mackillop, Patrick Coyle, Nicolas Deshayes, Dan Coopey, Cullinan Richards, Julie Verhoeven, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, and Donna Huddleston.

Tags: Po-i Chen, Nicolas Deshayes, Donna Huddleston, Sara Mackillop, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, Julie Verhoeven