Grazer Kunstverein

Tamara Henderson

06 Jun - 03 Aug 2014

© Tamara Henderson
‘Bottle Under the Influence’, 2012
Courtesy the artist and Rodeo, Istanbul
Tapped Out and Spiraling in Stride
6 June – 3 August 2014

Tamara Henderson’s practice derives from a unique methodology wherein her works become reconstructions of the unconscious. The basis of her texts, books, drawings, prints, films, furniture and paintings is the meticulous documentation of her dreams and impressions during hypnosis, which are translated into words and forms in those various media. The starting point is the artist’s everyday environment: her studio, her apartment, the furniture, the bed. At these production sites she develops layouts for her works that are captured as after-images of dreamed objects and occurrences in the moment of awakening or hypnosis. As a result, everyday objects are peculiarly alienated, taking the viewer into something like a parallel universe where the presence of the artist is more felt then witnessed. Her books read like dream diaries but also serve as screenplays for the films, in which animated objects take part in an orchestrated surreal wonderland. The exhibition shows all the books Henderson produced up until today, combined with films and furniture in order to make the thematic interlacing of the works more visible.

The Members Library is constructed and designed by artist Céline Condorelli in collaboration with Harry Thaler as a permanent work entitled ‘Things That Go Without Saying’. The structure built for The Members Library is part of a series entitled ‘Additionals’. These different prop-like objects and quasi-functional structures operate at a scale between furniture and architecture.

Tags: Celine Condorelli, Tamara Henderson