Gerhardsen Gerner

Olav Christopher Jenssen

29 Aug - 10 Oct 2014

© Olav Christopher Jenssen
Small Talpa Painting No. 01, 2014
Acrylic on canvas
105.5 x 95.5 cm
29 August – 10 October 2014

Ever since his participation in the Kassel Documenta IX in 1992, where the work of Norwegian artist Olav Christopher Jenssen became known to an international audience, there has been a loose but constant creative exchange between the artist and the gallery owner Atle Gerhardsen. Olav Christopher Jenssen opened two solo exhibitions at Atle Gerhardsen's Oslo gallery "c/o" in 1995, and Jenssen's works have been shown in various group exhibitions since the gallery moved to Berlin in 2000.

Gerhardsen Gerner is now very pleased to announce a special exhibition project on the occasion of the gallery owner's birthday on August 29: Olav Christopher Jenssen will show new large-scale works on canvas in a solo exhibition at the gallery in Berlin.

"Certainly, pictures are time capsules – every painting is. And what is even more important to me is the rhythm, the instruments. Painting methods have their time. A charcoal pencil is faster to use than chalk, a watercolor line has a different rhythm than a stroke that is set on canvas with oil or acrylic, a line that extends and applies the last bit of paint left on the brush slows down the hand." (Olav Christopher Jenssen)

Olav Christopher Jenssen's paintings dispense with exploring spatial depth, as if it is all about investigating the surface of the image as accurately as possible, without succumbing to the temptation to dive into spatial dimensions. In some paintings, however, this surface structure is deceptive. The longer one stands in front of a painting, the deeper the layers become, the more shapes become spatial.

Olav Christopher Jenssen is one of the most important Scandinavian artists. Since the mid-1980s he has mainly lived and worked in Berlin. His artistic work includes large-scale paintings, small watercolors, drawings and room-filling sculptural installations made from aluminum, clay and plaster. Olav Christopher Jenssen is professor for Fine Art at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig.

Olav Christopher Jenssen works have been granted numerous international solo exhibitions, such as at the Frank Gehry-designed MARTA Herford (2012), KIASMA, Helsinki (2009), Haus Am Waldsee, Berlin (2008), Kunstmuseum Bonn (2003), Baltic, Gateshead (2002), Malmö Konsthall (1997), Astrup Fearnley Museet of Moderne Art, Oslo (1996). His paintings have also been shown in group exhibitions at many international museums and institutions.

We are also pleased to announce that a large Olav Christopher Jenssen retrospective will open at the Saarland Museum in Saarbrücken on 15th November.

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