Gerhardsen Gerner

Jim Lambie

27 Apr - 30 Jun 2012

© Jim Lambie
Psychedelic Soul Stick 68, 2007
Bamboo, thread approx.
102 x 9 x 7 cm, unique
Gerhardsen Gerner Berlin is delighted to present two new works from the series Metal Box by Jim Lambie on the occasion of the GALLERY WEEKEND BERLIN.

In his work, Jim Lambie draws heavily on the universe of popular music – discotheques, clubs, nightlife, song lyrics, legendary bands, fan cult. His Zobop floor installations, for instance, with their multi-coloured vinyl tape, achieve through colour and line a very close approximation to what happens during the visit of a good club – the pulse and vibration robbing one of one’s breath, one gets carried away, at best becoming one with the music.

Metal Box is a concoction of multi-coloured layers of aluminium plates, stacked vertically on top of each other. At their corners these fold into the room so that the colour of each underlying layer becomes visible. They are reminiscent of posters, which have been posted on walls in the street to announce concerts, record releases or parties.

A real billboard or poster wall will in turn see many announcements during a season, so that by the end of the year many layers of paper are glued atop each other. Some posters get torn down, they roll up at the edges and so old and new posters begin to merge and blend together.

Jim Lambie was born in 1964 in Glasgow, where he still lives and works. In 2005 he was nominated for the Turner Prize.

Lambie’s works have been shown, amongst others, at the MoMA, New York, the Hara Museum in Tokyo, the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, the ACCA in Melbourne, the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow and most recently at the Goss Michael Foundation in Dallas.

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