Portrait II

03 Sep - 04 Oct 2008

© Birthe Piontek
Untitled 01, from the series Sub Rosa, 2006-2008
Photograph. Ed: 1/7 + A.P.
51 x 51 cm

09.03.08 _ 10.04.08

Loretta Lux, Youssef Nabil, Neil Hamon, Miguel Angel Gaüeca,BirthePiontek, Enrique Marty, Pieter Hugo, JR Duran, Lin Tianmiao,YannGross, Sandra Gamarra.
GaleriaLeme is proud to present Portrait II, the second exhibition tobe shownat the gallery dealing with this theme. Artists from variousorigins,who have differing styles, will present one of the mosttraditionalforms of art representation in a less conventional way.
LorettaLux – This German photographer creates carefully structuredpictures,where the main subjet is the children of her friends. The endresult ofthis supreme work of art direction and digital manipulation,however,is that the images really aren’t about any one child. Theybelong tothe portraiture genre, but in a way the children themselvesare notrepresented.
Youssef Nabil – In 2003, Youssef Nabil startedproducing a series ofself-portraits taken in different cities. AtGaleria Leme, the artistwill show two hand tinted black whitepictures: one taken in Rio deJaneiro and one taken in Paris. In bothof them, Nabil’s back appearsnaked in famous locations of the twocities. These pictures refer tofeelings of not belonging and farewells.
NeilHamon – Since 2006, Neil Hamon has been creating self-portraitsofhimself committing suicide. These pictures are based on Englishpolicerecords from the 1920s. In Portrait II, the artist presents“SlashedWrists”; a set of three hand tinted black and whitephotographs, inwhich he appears lying on the ground, portraying his owndeath withrefinement of detail and absurd beauty.
Miguel Angel Gaüeca– The Spanish photographer, known for hisself-portraits, will presenttwo photographs at Galeria Leme. Gaüeca isfond of kitsch and confusingsettings. For Portrait II, rather thanshowing a portrait of the face,hands appear in the image as a lessobvious form of identity.
BirhtePiontek – The Canadian artist will present three photographs fromSubRosa series. Birthe captures the intimacy, vulnerability andinnocenceof the intense stage between adolescence and adulthood withportraitsand still lifes, which capture fragments of the memory.
EnriqueMarty – Marty’s work is about imprecise, hidden and magicalmatters.His paintings invite the spectator to a journey, in which thespectatormay encounter disturbing thoughts and feelings. For thisexhibition,the artist will show four paintings on wood.
Pieter Hugo –This South-African artist will present a photograph fromhis series“Portraits of People with Albinism”. Sam, a young albino manfrom thesemi-arid Klein Karoo region in South Africa, is portrayedfacing thecamera, with a dramatic landscape behind him.
JR Duran –This photographer will show four pictures from the series“Cabeças”,produced during a trip to Tanzania. JR Duran has created awhiteshining background, which contrasts dramatically with the colourof theskin, the accessories and the clothing of the people portrayed.
LinTianmiao – In 2006, Lin Tianmiao was invited by the SingaporeTylerPrint Institut to produce a series of works on paper. In PortraitII,the artist will present two pieces realized during this period,wherethe human portrait is shown in a semi-abstract way, creatingetherealimages.
Yann Gross – This Swiss artist will show twopictures from the series“Horizonville”, in which he portraits anindustrial village in the RhoneValley, close to a highway that leadsto the Alps. The inhabitants ofthis village, despite never having beento the United States, copy thelifestyle they watch on the TV, creatingtheir own American Dream.
Sandra Gamarra – This artist willpresent a new work from the series“Los Nuevos Oradores”, in which sherepresents women visiting museums.The painting is a triptych, whichconsists of three identicalreproductions of a blonde girl, who is seenfrom behind photographing apainting.

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