Gabrielle Maubrie


08 Mar - 12 Apr 2008

© Koo Jeong-A, 1998

The gallery Gabrielle Maubrie has an exhibit showing part of the collection of headdresses of Antoine de Galbert (Foundation Maison Rouge in Paris). They come from diverse ethnic groups from the 5 continents. At this occasion I invited artists to produce or show a work of art that come into resonance with these headdresses. They could also use an existing headdress or react freely to the idea of the headdress.
Since forever, the headdress has been an attribute of the body, which is revealed and hidden in part. It plays with the ambiguity of the mask and the helmet, it wants to scare or seduce, it petrifies or invents expressions. The headdress is sign and meaning. That is probably why, from Gauguin to the Cubistes, from the felt hat of Beuys to the wigs of Cindy Sherman, modern art has never ceased to revisit the headdress and to give it new forms and extraordinary different significations.

List of artists:
Saâdane Afif/ Olivier Babin / Virginie Barré / Patrick Van Caeckenbergh / Claude Closky / Dewar & Gicquel / Mark Dion / Didier Faustino /Joseph Havel / Koo Jeong-A / Nelson Leirner / Blue Noses / Bruno Peinado / Tixador & Poincheval / Ernest T./ Joel Peter Witkin

React to the collection of headdresses of Antoine de Galbert

Tags: Koo Jeong A, Saâdane Afif, Olivier Babin, Virginie Barré, Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, Claude Closky, Mark Dion, Didier Faustino, Dewar & Gicquel, Joseph Havel, Nelson Leirner, Blue Noses, Bruno Peinado, Cindy Sherman, Joel-Peter Witkin