Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel

Paulo Nenflídio

10 Nov - 08 Dec 2006


Galeria Fortes Vilaça has great pleasure in presenting Protótipos, Paulo Nenflídio’s first solo exhibition at a São Paulo gallery. The exhibition includes three new sound-objects as well as a series of drawings on canvas.
Nenflídio innovatively explores the link between visual art, music and technology. His ‘engenhocas’ [gadgets], as he likes to call them, emit different sounds either autonomously or stimulated by the wind, changes of light or by spectator interaction. The artist works conceptually with dichotomies that arise from the juxtaposition of manual labor and technology, uniting the local with the global, one-off pieces with mass-produced ones, folk culture with mass-media culture. Realejo Heavy Metal [Heavy Metal Barrel-Organ] injects humor to these issues in the form of a barrel-organ that plays heavy metal music. Rich in sculptural solutions, Estudo para Gerador de Música [Study for a Musical Generator] emits sounds autonomously based on various pre-adjustable combinations.
Protótipos is probably the sound-object which has most references to art and music history. The piece consists of two gloves fitted with light sensors and electromagnetic wave captors, with a wooden base in which sound transmitters are installed. When the gloves are donned, the object emits the sound of the eponymous instrument invented by Theremin at the beginning of the 20th century.
In his drawings the artist uses a technical-electronic visual repertoire of parts, cables and screws, and explores the contrast between manual and industrial by using rustic canvas as the base for these images.
In addition to his exhibition at the Fortes Vilaça Gallery, Paulo Nenflídio is also involved in the Geração da Virada show at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake. The artist was one of the winners of the fifth Prêmio Sérgio Motta de Arte e Tecnologia [Sérgio Motta Art and Technology Prize] in 2005.

© Paulo Nenflidio
Projeto para Protótipos, 2006
Grafite e caneta sobre lona
[graphite and pen on canvas]
14 x 14 cm

Tags: Paulo NenflÍdio, Tomie Ohtake