Lichtzwang - Group Show

16 Apr - 13 Jun 2009

Hans Peter Feldmann, 1 Pound Strawberries, 2007, c-prints
Micea Cantor, Which light kills you, 2008, light box
Haim Steinbach, Untitled, 2008, wooden bruch, horse hair, dog chew
Dvir Gallery is happy to invite you to the opening of the group show Lichtzwang.

The starting point for the show is the Polish artist, Miroslaw Balka's sound work, Lichtzwang.
In it, the artist reads Paul Celan's 1970 book, Lichtzwang in German, a language he doesn't speak.

The different artists participating in the show refer to both Balka's work and to the work of Paul Celan in general.

The works displayed during the show were created in a variety of techniques: Sound, photography, light box, drawing, sculpture and installation.

Miroslaw Balka
Mircea Cantor
Latifa Echkhch
Hans Peter Feldman
Rachel Harrison
Miri Segal
Haim Steinbach
Gabriela Vanga

Tags: Miroslaw Balka, Mircea Cantor, Rachel Harrison, Miri Segal, Haim Steinbach, Gabriela Vanga