Time Capsule

14 Oct 2017 - 07 Jan 2018

Aspen n.o 1, The Black Box, 1965
Fotografia: DMF, Lisboa
A Revista Aspen, 1965-1971
14 October 2017 – 7 January 2018

Curated by Delfim Sardo

In 1965, while on holiday in Aspen, Colorado, the American publisher Phyllis Johnson decided to set up a new publishing project: a magazine dedicated to current affairs, which would serve as a barometer of its time. Each issue came in a box containing texts, flyers, prints, postcards, sound recordings and even Super-8 films, and had a different editor and designer. In Phyllis Johnson's own words, Aspen was to be "a time capsule of a certain period, point of view or person". This was in fact the case, especially after issue no. 3, edited by Andy Warhol and David Dalton. Equally notable were the issues dedicated to Marshal MacLuhan, the New York performance scene, Minimalism and the Fluxus movement. Contributors included George Maciunas, Dan Graham, Brian O'Doherty, William Burroughs and Merce Cunningham, among many others, making Aspen the fresco of a time, but also an extraordinary publishing adventure. The exhibition places the magazine in its context, presenting a great number of documents and materials concerning many of the contributors to the publication, based on the extraordinary collection put together by António Neto Alves.

Tags: Merce Cunningham, Dan Graham, George Maciunas, Andy Warhol