Pedro Casqueiro

15 Feb - 11 May 2014

© Pedro Casqueiro
Sem título, 2002
Acrílico sobre tábua para cortar pão · Coleção A. J.
15 February - 11 May 2014

Curator: Miguel Wandschneider

This exhibition brings together works that Pedro Casqueiro (Lisbon, 1959) has been producing since the early 1990s, in parallel to his daily studio practice and away from the painting production for which he is well-known. They are works that he has created intermittently, according to circumstances, and with great spontaneity – without a safety net, one might say. It is, therefore, not by chance that most of them have never been sent for exhibition, either remaining at the studio or ending up in the hands of friends. Even the works that have already been exhibited – for instance, those produced in collaboration with Ana Jotta and included in their joint exhibition at Galeria Alda Cortez, in 1994, or the small paintings containing images from a conjuring manual and presented at gallery Módulo, in 1996 – represent a clear deviation from the main developments in his painting. This exhibition, which was first staged at Culturgest, Porto, in the summer of 2012, therefore achieves its desired effect in a roundabout way, offering visitors an unlikely (and auspicious!) encounter, or re-encounter, with the work of Pedro Casqueiro.

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