Katinka Bock

25 Feb - 13 May 2012

Winterlandschaft mit Hut, 2011 · Cortesia Meyer Riegger, Karlsruhe / Berlim · Fotografia: Trevor Lloyd
25 February - 13 May, 2012

A preference for everyday materials and a strict economy of gestures and procedures in their manipulation are among the aspects commonly found in the work produced by Katinka Bock (Frankfurt am Main, 1976). Her sculptures are simple and frequently austere in both their materials and forms, being endowed with an intense energy and a subtle evocative power that embodies and condenses the thought process leading to their creation. The resonances and feelings that they produce or favour depend not only on their physical properties, but also (and most decisively) on their interaction with a particular exhibition space – whether or not they obey the logics of site specificity. However, even when they are explicitly related with the space and with other works, her sculptures are eminently introspective, inviting the spectator to withdraw into innermost meditation. Bringing together some of her most recent works, this exhibition presents the Portuguese audience with an artist who, for roughly the past four years, has been gradually consolidating her position as a major reference in the context of present-day sculptural practices.

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