Guy de Cointet

20 Feb - 15 May 2016

Guy de Cointet
The very first time you experience this beauty fluid..., ca. 1983
Photo: Marc Domage
Courtesy: Air de Paris, Paris
Who wrote that?
20 February - 15 May 2016

Curated by Miguel Wandschneider and Eva Wittocx

It was in Los Angeles, where he had chosen to settle in 1966, that Guy de Cointet (1934, Paris – 1983, Los Angeles) developed the extraordinary work for which he is recognised today in the art world. Whether in the form of a drawing, a book or a theatre play, his work is rooted in his fascination with language and its uses in such different contexts as literature, television and radio, or everyday conversations. Guy de Cointet has recurrently explored different procedures for the encoding and abstraction of language through an interplay between text, form and colour. Both the drawings and the theatre plays captivate the spectator through their formal elegance and sense of humour, while, at the same time, arousing an indefinable feeling of strangeness. The familiar and the enigmatic are constantly intertwined. The work of Guy de Cointet has been rediscovered and reassessed in the last ten years to become a major reference in the field of visual arts and a source of inspiration for a growing number of artists. This exhibition is accompanied by the presentation of several plays in the small auditorium.
This exhibition is a co-production with M – Museum Leuven, with the collaboration of the Estate of Guy de Cointet and Air de Paris, Paris.

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