Belén Uriel

02 Jul - 02 Oct 2016

Belén Uriel, Segunda-Feira
Fotografia © Teresa Santos / Pedro Tropa
02 July - 02 October 2016

Curator Miguel Wandschneider

Belén Uriel (Madrid, 1974) took a master's degree in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, in London, where she lived and developed her work between September 2003 and July 2008. Two solo exhibitions in Lisbon have made it very clear that Belén Uriel is an artist who has already reached full maturity and displays a rare sensibility for sculpture: Stone, Paper, Scissors, held in the White Pavilion of the Museu da Cidade, in Spring 2013; and Mud on the Shoe, at Parkour, in November 2014. The works shown there, as well as the recent works included in her recent exhibition at the Museum Wiesbaden, in Germany, reveal a perfectly consolidated lexicon and syntax, great rigour and subtlety in the manipulation of materials, the construction of forms and surfaces, and the definition of dimensions and scales. The works are frequently indexed to real objects (for example, elements from architecture or furniture), transforming them in a way that is both radical and subtle, through the means and processes of sculpture (of art). The exhibition at Culturgest revisits the artistic practice of Belén Uriel over the last few years, in her most productive phase, combining work that has already been shown in other circumstances with her more recent and previously unexhibited pieces.