Ana Jotta

15 Feb - 10 May 2014

The Conclusion of the Precedent
15 February - 11 May 2014

Curator: Miguel Wandschneider

The radically polymorphic work of Ana Jotta (Lisbon, 1946) shuns any kind of chronological linearity, constantly disrupting the possibility of being conveniently classified into phases or periods. The Conclusion of the Precedent is an anthology of her work since the retrospective exhibition held at the Museu de Serralves, Porto, in 2005. But, contrary to the conventional protocol in exhibitions of this type, the approach adopted here is a decidedly fragmentary and unsystematic one, immediately rejecting any reconstitution of the successive groups or series of works through which her artistic practice has materialised over the last nine years or so. This exhibition is not, however, just a question of shuffling the pack and dealing the cards afresh. At its core lies what the artist describes as “footnotes”: a paraphernalia of objects and printed matter that she has gathered together at her home or in her studio, and which, in different ways, but always with a generative role, play an important part in her creative process.

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