Alice Creischer

04 Feb - 30 Apr 2017

Alice Creischer, dia 24 de março do ano 2000, e isso compele-nos a olhar para o futuro, 2015-2016 (pormenor)
4 February – 30 April 2017

Curator Miguel Wandschneider

Alongside her artistic work, which frequently involves a regular collaboration with Andreas Siekmann, Alice Creischer (Gerolstein, Germany, 1960) has also developed a body of incisive criticism, not only in the form of texts about art and the institution of art in the age of advanced capitalism, but also through her curatorship of group exhibitions centred on capitalism and colonialism and involving a laborious research process. In her work, Creischer has adopted a specific method for approaching complex realities, based on painstaking investigation into current political and economic issues and its historic roots, associative thought processes and the use of collage and montage. The core of this exhibition is an extensive group of new works that problematize the so-called "sovereign debt crisis" in various European countries, namely Portugal, and the austerity policies linked to this.

Tags: Alice Creischer, Andreas Siekmann