CEAAC Centre Europeen d'Actions Artistiques Contemporaines

Stones / Lettres d’Amérique (Letters from America)

17 Mar - 07 Apr 2012

Emmanuel Georges
Christie, photographie
extrait de la série Lettres d'Amérique, 2011
17 March - 7 April 2012

This double exhibition juxtaposes views of the urban landscape by two photographers :

‘‘The work on display was produced during several journeys through the most remote regions of the United States, those that have perhaps suffered the most from what might be described as the end of the American Dream.[...] My photographic concept is to highlight the residue of this dream in the landscape, giving it a colour which relates to our own nostalgia, our broken dreams.

The recurrent themes apparent in this work – industrial facades, shops, cinemas, garages, typographic signs, automobiles, etc – represent both the milestones of my journey and the emblematic ingredients of the American urban landscape which are slowly disappearing. [...] The emphatic formalism of the images echoes the American school of photography. The images were shot with a 4×5’’ camera on colour film ; the use of this large-format tool allowing a precise rendering of the intrinsic graphic force of the subjects and the quality of their materials.’’ Emmanuel Georges

Reinis Hofmanis was in residence at CEAAC in Strasbourg in September 2011. The photographic project he carried out concerns the stones that secure certain areas and prevent unauthorised parking: giving rise to the Stones series, today presented in CEAAC’s International Space. This series is part of research into the frontier, the link and the opposition between public space and private space, all the more given that a number of these photographs were taken on the border between France and Germany, between Strasbourg and Kehl.