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Soon-Wang Qwon, Cécile Straumann, Mioon ( Min Kim & Moon Choi) …

19 Mar - 22 May 2016

Now Watching
Strasbourg / Séoul 2005 – 2015
Now Watching
19 March - 22 May 2016

Curators : Elodie Gallina, Evelyne Loux, COAL (Lauranne Germond, Maëva Blandin, Loïc Fel)

Strasbourg / Séoul 2005 – 2015
The artist exchange programme between the CEAAC in Strasbourg and the National Art Studio in Changdong and Goyang (run by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. We’ve seized the opportunity provided by France-Korea year to showcase and thank everyone involved in the creative collaboration with an exhibition of works by twenty French and Korean artists who took part in the residency exchanges.

The exchange programme launched in 2005 following a project by the artist Cécile Straumann in South Korea. Every year it enables artists to spend three months in Strasbourg and Seoul with an apartment, studio, travel and production grant. The artists are in the best position for creation and recognition with encouragement and inspiration from studios and meetings with guest curators and professionals on the local art scene.

Our tow institutions, fuelled by the same drive to support contemporary artistic design and bring it to a wider audience, have welcomed a variety of artists from the French and Korean scenes. Up-and-coming or recognised, they are all now brought together in the art centre gallery and international gallery for the Now Watching exhibition which provides a new opportunity to introduce audiences to the universal reach of artistic visions rooted in particularism. The ties and sometimes clashes created by bringing two cultures together – like the miniature ring by Korean duo Mioon – question the individual’s identity, body, language and distinctiveness in terms of what is universal in humanity.

How do artists on either side of the globe convey globalised language in contemporary art? How much misunderstanding and fortunate or unfortunate semantic coincidences are involved in these visual and audio worlds?

With increased globalisation, the quest for international governance and the internet and media expanding a globalised subculture, we must learn how to be part of it without losing our identity. That’s the key to a future in which individuals can see the world and have the ability to create relationships beyond differences.

Now Watching is a personal path between the West and Far East providing an emotional experience in which identity isn’t sacrified on the altar of communication but instead fuels it, enriches it, just like the last decade of stories and creations shared between Strasbourg and Seoul.

Artists: Ho Un Bac, Léa Barbazanges, Ghizlène Chajaï, Raphaël Charpentié, Marine Dominiczak, Pierre Filliquet, Deok Yeoung Gim, Sojung Jun, Bom Kim, Seung Young Kim, Woong Yong Kim, Mioon (Min Kim & Moon Choi), Mohammed el Mourid, Natacha Paganelli, Yong Sik Park, Ramona Poenaru, Soon Wang Qwon, Nathalie Savey, Cécile Straumann, Dorothy M Yoon