CCA Center for Contemporary Arts

Sarnath Banerjee

16 Jun - 28 Jul 2012

History is Written by Garment Exporters
16 June - 28 July 2012

Indian graphic novelist, artist, and filmmaker, Sarnath Banerjee presents an overview of his work including both drawings and films.

Since 2004, he has published three major books - Corridor (2004), The Barn Owl's Wondrous Capers (2007) and The Harappa Files (2011). Through these works he reveals the daily tensions of contemporary India, from the local events of a city neighbourhood, to the pressures of its global economic rise.

Banerjee evolves his novels through periods of research and exhibition, gathering and displaying a bewildering array of material before honing everything down in a publication. His work draws on artistic genres such as collage and classic book illustration, while exploiting the openness of the contemporary graphic novel as a space to push beyond comic book narrative. The freedom he finds in these techniques allows him to explore the psyche of modern India, creating images and stories that are accessible and decptively simple.

This exhibition brings together works spanning the period 2008 - 11, including several key sequences from Banerjee's most recent book, The Harappa Files, of which he comments, "My third book is more like an illustrated text. It opens up the form of graphic novels using design in an imaginative way. I am imploding the form, I am working with it all the time, constantly playing with it".

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