CCA Center for Contemporary Arts

Harun Farocki

16 Feb - 03 Mar 2011

Comparison via a Third
16 February - 3 March 2011

CCA hosts a seminar and exhibition on the groundbreaking work of pioneering filmmaker, artist and writer Harun Farocki. Farocki will be present to give an introduction to the exhibition on Tuesday 15 February at 6pm.

During a career spanning more than 40 years Farocki has made more than 90 films that question the production and perception of images. Through both montage and the deliberate composition of filmed and found materials, Farocki opens up the technical, socio-political, and cultural contexts of meaning in the production, distribution, and reception of filmic images.

The works, which range from experimental documentaries for cinema and television to large-scale installations in a gallery context, investigate how audiovisual culture relates to and affects politics, culture, technology and war.

CCA will also present a three-day seminar of workshops, talks and screenings examining the overlapping themes of Farocki’s expansive practice prior to the exhibition.

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