Broadway 1602

Megan Sullivan

21 Feb - 30 Mar 2007


February 21– March 30 2007

In her second solo show at BROADWAY 1602 Berlin based American artist MEGAN SULLIVAN is showing a new series of b & w photographs based on collages alongside gouaches and paintings circling around the images and iconographies of young beautiful androgynous and effiminate men seen in magazines and other image sources from the world of aestheticised modern contemporary manhood and its commercialised counterparts.

Taking on a special perspective of devoted interest usually occupied by a gay male gaze MEGAN SULLIVAN enacts a kind of artistic sexual bending of the trajectories of voyeurism. In each of these image performances she goes to the limits where romantically invested appropriation turns into deconstruction and mocking.
In all of these sceneries one can trace the walk on this fine line, on the edge of a complicit aesthetic and a certain exquisite distance.
SULLIVAN'S new works are intruigingly bold and subtle, funny but dead serious investigations into a world never fully accessible, kept mysterious and exclusive for the sake of its desire production and finely fabricated social symbolic economy.