Broadway 1602

Mark Alexander

17 Sep - 23 Nov 2013

© Mark Alexander
American Bog (Lincoln II), 2013
Oil on canvas
61.2 x 46 cm (24 1⁄8" x 18 1⁄8") Unique
American Bog (2013)
17 September – 23 November 2013

Acclaimed British painter Mark Alexander’s (born 1966) career of the last thirteen years evolved in famously enigmatic ways. His work is situated far beyond the sheer means of appropriation. Alexander is part of a new generation introducing a deeply involved form of ‘Post-Appropriation’ to the British and international art landscape in the aftermath of YBA, – once so heavily and boldly invested in the postmodern project. His Bog paintings in Ground and Unground are adaptations of classical paintings anchored in the public sub-consciousness: Durer, Millet, Van Gogh and other non-modern sources. In the American Bog series Alexander took on the super-icons of Americana: the portraits of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, early pioneers in The Freakes, the American Flag from 1777, 1912 and 1960, Emily Dickinson and Mickey Mouse.

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