Broadway 1602

Edwin Burdis

02 May - 13 Jun 2009

"Inside, Out"

May 2 - June 13 2009

Since early 2000 Edwin Burdis has contributed to the London art and music scene in various artistic personas: As composer and music stage performer he collaborated in groundbreaking art and experimental pop music bands* exploring an extravagant fusion between art, music and subcultural indexes. In his art practice Burdis’ combines related iconographies with biographical stories and a personal form of cultural critique of places and situations. Recently Burdis focuses on performance work, presenting his contemporary ‘batchelor machines’ with elements such as recited text, experimental sound editing, live percussion and staged drawing acts.
Edwin Burdis opens his first solo show at BROADWAY 1602 Inside, out with a performance.Its lonely on the outside.

Its cold on the outside.
So very cold.
And I feel way too nervous.
Too nervous to come back into the inside. Walk back out with “inside, out” inside, take it out and stand, then K starts -

In the permanent show in the gallery we see a strange arrangement of sculptures...a little faux bronze house
House That’s Not a Home (London) next to an odd reddish melt-pot-like lump of a table sculpture Home Is Where The Heart Is (NYC), next to an arrangement of cast green bottles Inside, out having the appeal of a minimal post-Manzoni ‘poor’ sculpture. There is a mock-eclectic animated sense of postmodernism coming into the picture when the visitor is greeted by a pretty little white ghost woooooh... meticulously sculptured and hovering almost off its pedestal – while the whole scenery has the tendency to sink into a gloomy reflection of the ‘here and there’ of Burdis’ presence in this city/place and its to date conditions.

“...your symbols....your greed...your hunger...your moreism.....this place where the liar has lied...”

*Donatella (with Mark Leckey, Bonnie Camplin, Enrico David) JacktooJack (with Mark Leckey, Kieron Livingstone, Steven Claydon) and Man Like Me (withJohnny Langer) and Edwin Burdis’ new art band Long Meg (with Kieron Lvingstone, Matt Williams, Johnny Langer, Maaike Schoorel, Antoinette Fernandez, Tommy Barton)

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