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Halleluhwah! Hommage à CAN

25 Nov - 18 Dec 2011

Sven Drühl, "CAN (Undead)", 2011. Courtesy LEVY Galerie, Hamburg
Halleluhwah! Hommage à CAN

Visual artists reflect on the pioneering role of the avant-garde rock band CAN

The exhibition will be showing works by:
Silva Agostini (AL), Theo Altenberg (D), Josse Bailly (CH), Matias Bechtold (D), Marc Bijl (NL), Norbert Bisky (D), Alexander Braun (D), William Cordova (PE), Josef Dabernig (A), Sven Drühl (D), Rose Eken (DK), Mikael Eriksson (S), Carsten Fock (D), Moritz Götze (D), Carson Grubaugh (USA), Eberhard Havekost (D), Gregor Hildebrandt (D), Tilman Hornig (D), Identity Shop (D) - Henryk Gericke/Thomas Gust, Danius Kesminas (AUS), Greg Richards (AUS), Klaus Killisch (D), Kimberly Clark (NL) - Iris van Dongen/Eveline van de Griend/Ellemieke Schoenmaker, Pawel Ksiazek (PL), Tilman Küntzel (D), Skafte Kuhn (D), Michael Kutzner (D), Via Lewandowsky (D), Robert Lippok (D), Ronald Lippok (D), Bert Papenfuss (D), Robert Lucander (FIN), Dieter Meier (CH), Manfred Miersch (D), Malcolm Mooney (USA), Chris Newman (GB), Carsten Nicolai (D), Frank Nitsche (D), Albert Oehlen (D), Luc Pilmeyer (B), Anselm Reyle (D), Daniel Richter (D), Tanja Rochelmeyer (D), Dennis Rudolph (D), Egill Sæbjörnsson (IS), Thomas Scheibitz (D), Station Rose (A) - Gary Danner/Elisa Rose, Andreas Tellefsen (N), Ulrich Vogl (D), Maik Wolf (D), Ralf Ziervogel (D)

In 1971 CAN, an avant-garde rock band from Cologne, caused an unprecedented stir with their third studio album "Tago Mago". At that time, no other band from the international spectrum of experimental rock had achieved such a remarkable degree of sound and structural awareness, and they continue to inspire music pioneers to the present day. It is little wonder, therefore, that CAN enjoy particular admiration among fine artists.
To mark the 40th anniversary of the appearance of "Tago Mago", now fine artists from all over the world have created new works reflecting on the path-breaking role of CAN and showing their reverence for the band. The show remembers the extraordinary potential of a band from Germany whose playing gained them cult status all over the world - in terms of composition, sound, musical skill and group dynamics.
CAN members Jaki Liebezeit (drums), Irmin Schmidt (keyboard) and Holger Czukay (bass) still continue as active musicians, devoting themselves to successful individual projects. Malcolm Mooney, a member of CAN in the band’s early phase, has worked primarily as a fine artist for more than 30 years now; of course he is one of those exhibiting here.
More detailed information on the band and their label Spoon Records U.K. ltd. can be found on the CAN website http://www.spoonrecords.com
A catalogue (g/e) + audio cd accompanying the exhibition have been published by modo Verlag, Freiburg i.Br.

Curator of the exhibition "Halleluhwah! Homage à CAN", which was shown previously in the Stuttgart gallery ABTART, is Christoph Tannert, well-known since the 1980s for his projects and publications on border-crossing between art and rock music.

Accompanying Programme + more: http://www.bethanien.de/kb/index/trans/de/page/can

"Halleluhwah! Homage à CAN"
25th November - 18th December 2011

Tue - Sun, 2 - 7 pm

Opening: Thursday, 24th November 2011, 7 pm
Live concert: atelierTheremin, Berlin's neo-Krautrock-pioneers, 8 pm

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