Berlinische Galerie

Suddenly Wonderful

Visions for chunky 1970’s architecture in West Berlin

26 May - 18 Sep 2023

Bureau N und Something Fantastic, Konzept ICCC – International Center for Contemporary Culture, 2014 - 2023 © Bureau N / Something Fantastic
bullahuth Fotografie, Mäusebunker, 2023 © bullahuth
Kay Fingerle, Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie von Fehling+Gogel, 1969 -74, Außenansicht, 2020 © Kay Fingerle
Humboldt-Biosphäre - International Climate Campus, 2019 - 2023 © Roland Böving und Christina Neuner
Matthias Hoch, ICC # 1, Berlin, 2009 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2023
During the Cold War, some remarkable big buildings emerged in West Berlin as new locations for science, research and the arts. After years of neglect and now technically obsolete, most of these buildings are threatened with demolition. Ever since they appeared, these architectures have often been criticised as unsightly and inefficient. That view is being challenged today by a group of academics, cultural workers and politicians who appreciate them as impressive achievements of modern Western technology.

The exhibits, approximately 150 in number, reflect the work of about 20 architects, planning consultants, photographers and artists.