Berlinische Galerie

Ruth Hildegard Geyer-Raack

In the permanent exhibition

12 Jan - 09 May 2022

Ruth Hildegard Geyer-Raack, Musterentwurf für Stoff oder Tapete, um 1930, © Sybille Geyer-Lehmann
Ruth Hildegard Geyer-Raack (1894–1975) was an interior designer, muralist and textile designer whose reputation in the Weimar Republic extended well beyond Berlin. She specialised in high-quality, up-market interior design. With sober elegance, she harmoniously blended modern furnishing styles as antithetical as Bauhaus and art déco.
Drawing on the museum’s own holdings, the permanent exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie will, for the first time, display an original fabric produced at the “Vereinigte Werkstätten”, together with 12 selected fabric and wallpaper patterns and 15 photographs of client interiors.