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Hannah Dougherty

28 Jul - 15 Oct 2006

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Hannah Dougherty
The Gartenhaus (Garden House) Project #2
28 July - 15 October 2006

Hannah Dougherty, 25-year-old American artist, playfully combines painting, collage, drawing, and installation art. In Berlin she spotted the prefabricated small wooden garden houses that are typical for Germany. Meant to be an idyllic place for stressed people that want to get away from big city life, Dougherty changes two of them into exhibition rooms. In the inside the visitor can peacefully experience amazing pictorial worlds. Inspired by the “Metamorphoses” of Ovid, one can find mythical creatures, such as men with dear heads or centaurs, animals, plants, young people without faces, and citations from comic strips on the walls. All of these are combined to a narration that is open for signification. These scenarios show the longing for nature and the artificial manner of our dreams, in particular the metaphor of the birdhouse, which often appears. This man-made “nest” transfers a human way of living to the animal kingdom. Being a symbol for shelter and care it is in this case affecting and ironic at the same time: A garden house for birds and a garden house as a birdhouse for the human being!

© Hannah Dougherty: The Gartenhaus Project #1
Collection Arario Gallery, Seoul

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