Berlinische Galerie


Plants in contemporary photography

12 Oct 2023 - 22 Jan 2024

Falk Haberkorn, Schonung #2, Aus der 4-teiligen Serie „Schonung“, 2003/04 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2023
Lofty firs, dense mangroves, bizarre pistils – the shapes created by the plant world are prodigious. Embedded within their own complex, highly sensitive ecosystems, plants intertwine with human culture in many different ways. Contemplating them can soothe the nerves, give food for thought and trigger powerful emotions such as fear or anxiety.

The exhibition “Greenery: Plants in contemporary photography” responds to this multi-faceted theme. These contemporary works mostly from our Photography Collection address the often contradictory relationship between humans and plants through the medium of photography.