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27 Aug - 08 Oct 2006

27 August - 08 October 2006

Marc Brandenburg, Fernando Bryce, Martin Conrads, Sofia Hultén, Sybille Kesslau, Iris Kettner, Eva-Christina Meier, Michael Stevenson, Tilman Wendland, Ella Ziegler

10 scholarship holders of the Senate Department of Science, Research, and Culture

For the first time the Berlinische Galerie provides the exhibition space for 10 young artists, who were awarded with the annual fine arts work scholarship of the State Berlin by a skilled jury that changes every year. The Senate Department of Science, Research, and Culture annually awards artists who work, regardless of what style, in the field of contemporary art, in order to encourage their artistic development and to promote a temporary project.
In addition the KunstBank Berlin, which is the exhibition room of the Senate Department since 1999, provided the opportunity to present their works, two by two for a month in each case, to the public. Due to a fire early this year the KunstBank had to be closed and most likely will remain so. For that reason the Berlinische Galerie decided to present those awarded artists from 2005/2206, who didn’t have an exhibition yet, in a collective show.

The works on display, drawings, photographic works, objects, installations, concepts and interventions, show a panorama of artistic exploration that ranges from historical and cultural analysis to the research into the microcosm of objects to ironic concepts and annotations on the art world itself.

The German title of the exhibition, ABGEBRANNT (BURNT DOWN), does not only refer to the fire at the KunstBank. Due to its second meaning, “stone-broke,” the title refers to the bad financial situation of public cultural facilities as well. Last but not least it reflects the situation of the young artists themselves because the scholarship, most of the time, provides financial help for a short period only.

An exhibition of the Senate Department of Science, Research, and Culture, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, and Berlinische Galerie.

Curator: Guido Fassbender (Berlinische Galerie) in collaboration with Christiane von Gilsa (Senate Department).

Sponsored by Sparkassen Kulturfonds des Deutschen Sparkassen und Giroverbandes.

© Marc Brandenburg
Untitled, 2006
Pencil on paper
75 x 39 cm
Courtesy Galerie Crone
Photograph: Gunter Lepkowski

Tags: Marc Brandenburg, Fernando Bryce, Sofia Hultén, Sybille Kesslau, Michael Stevenson, Tilman Wendland, Ella Ziegler