Berlinische Galerie

12×12. The IBB-Videolounge in the Berlinische Galerie

09 Sep 2011 - 26 Sep 2012

Nina Fischer / Maroan el Sani
Narita Field Trip, 2010
courtesy Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin
© VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, 2011
The IBB-Videolounge in the Berlinische Galerie
9 September, 2011 - 31 August, 2012

Over the course of one year, the IBB video lounge will present 12 artists who have drawn attention to themselves with innovative use of the media film and video in recent years. Documentary approaches will appear alongside strategies which reflect on and question the medium itself. Visual aesthetic experiments are also crucial to the works of those artists invited to participate.
Some place emphasis on cinematography and the interaction of the performers, aiming to develop the aesthetics of the film from within its production processes. Others, by contrast, trust in the atmospheric impact of the moving image, which they underline using sound effects and narrative structures – or they caricature the very effects with which today’s television courts its viewers’ attention. The great extent to which aesthetic modification of the technical image has advanced is striking: not only figurative-abstract pictorial structures evolve as the result of conceptual ways of filming; temporal interventions such as slowing down also influence the viewer’s perceptual habits.
The intention is to convey the diversity of the medium in the new programme format. That is why the selected artists are not only young talents who have scarcely made their mark on Berlin’s active art scene but also established representatives of contemporary video art, who will show both early and current work. A new, changing programme of different works will be compiled each month.
The video lounge is being realised with support from the Investitionsbank Berlin.


Antje Engelmann, 29.02.–26.03.2012
Nina Fischer und Maroan el Sani, 28.03.–02.05.2012
ARTIST TALK with Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani: 19.4 7pm
Konrad Mühe, 04.05.–28.05.2012
Christian Niccoli, 30.05.–25.06.2012
Clemens von Wedemeyer, 27.06.–23.07.2012
Cyrill Lachauer, 25.06.–20.08.2012

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