Aaron Koblin, Ben Tricklebank

27 Jun - 06 Sep 2015

© Photo by Ben Tricklebank
Light Echoes
27 June - 6 September 2015

Part of the major project in the Barbican Centre this summer and in response to the dynamic architecture of the Curve, Los Angeles-based digital artists Aaron Koblin and Ben Tricklebank present an ambitious new installation for the Curve. The collaborators were part of Doug Aitken’s Station to Station in the United States in 2013, when they employed laser and camera technology to map the landscape with stunning visual images and poetic wordscapes at night. Light Echoes in the Curve builds on this ground-breaking work, but this time responding to the vast, sweeping lines of the gallery to create an environment that plays with time, space and sensory perception.

Light Echoes runs until 6 September 2015.

Koblin and Tricklebank have honed their vision using sophisticated laser projections and scanning technology, creating a visual light spectacle. Visitors are guided by a shifting, moving wall of light that tracks the floor as it slowly winds its way around the space, culminating in a finale revealing the visual echo of data captured by the journey of light.

Aaron Koblin is an artist, designer and data visualisation specialist. He created and lead the Data Arts Team at Google from 2008-2015, was included in Barbican's own Digital Revolution in 2014, and is Co-founder of Vrse, a virtual reality company. Ben Tricklebank is a British artist & filmmaker whose work combines cutting edge technology with smart and visually driven storytelling. Both Koblin and Tricklebank have achieved numerous awards and accolades for their work.

Station to Station at the Barbican builds on from Doug Aitken’s Station to Station project which first crossed North America by train from the Atlantic to the Pacific over 23 days in September 2013. Over the course of the journey, a constantly changing group of creative contributors joined and took part in ten events in major cities and off-the-grid locations. What began as a train journey across North America has evolved into a platform for cross-collaboration between mediums and non-commercial creativity, with London being the next iteration. Station to Station at the Barbican is continuously evolving, with new works introduced, created, performed and shown every day as part of a programme of live rehearsals, performances, talks, interviews and workshops.

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