Nicola von Senger

Mario Sala

10 May - 21 Jun 2014

10 May - 21 June 2014

The gallery Nicola von Senger is pleased to be showing for the 6th time a new insight into the multifaceted universe of Mario Sala. Anthony Cells is the name of the new arty figure in the narrating pluriverse by Mario Sala where Drifter, Swimmer or Pan Gas have been doing their rounds for quite some time already. Besides his figures Sala also invents their very own worlds. In paintings, drawings and in complex installations he leads us through winding rooms in immense, only through our imagination deducible dimensions and depths.

Anthony Cells is the Anglo-Saxon double of the sacred Antonius who resiled to the desert in order to find himself and to live as an anchorite for a little while: The classic picture of an artist, trapped in his own world which could possibly also be seen as a cell, yet he needs to bring his own works on the market for existential reasons. This can be seen as a contradiction yet it can also be considered as an antipole. Similar to oil and water it is a paradox which creates a great tension in one’s own mind and Sala’s works through its immiscibility.

Anthony Cells owns a website, just as it is common in today’s world, on which his works are advertised. We are allowed to buy these works since Anthony does sell. The ritually repeated setting as a consequence of small movies can always be seen as a new unsettled oddity and it may remind us of never-ending commercials which usually advertise countless abominations as a cure in the middle of the night.

Text passages are taken from Hans Rudolf Reust, Kunst Bulletin 4/2014

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