Arken Museum of Modern Art


01 Feb - 01 Jun 2014

1 February - 1 June 2014

Green is good for the eyes. A walk in the woods works wonders and a green tablecloth has a calming effect in the exam room. A lot of people are going green, prioritizing green energy, ecology and recycling. In cities, allotment gardens are more popular than ever and new eco-friendly initiatives like Copenhagen Food Coop, Byhøst and Bybi are popping up left and right.

In 2014, Copenhagen is the European Green Capital. The city is buzzing with life, initiative and good green energy. Nature is not just something we take for granted. Having a green thumb, appreciating nature and cultivating it naturally is cool.

The current Hundertwasser exhibition has inspired us to present works from the museum’s collection that revolve around the human relationship to and view of nature. The artists take different looks at the sensuous, wildly growing and sometimes constructed nature that surrounds us. To them nature is not just pure and natural. It is also staged and cultivated. What is your relationship to nature? What does nature say to you?

Take a walk through the collection and see nature from a variety of perspectives. Or go out into the Beach Park around ARKEN and gather buckthorn, nettles and peppergrass for your dinner. Read more about the park and find a map of the area here.