Arken Museum of Modern Art

Hotspot Cluj - New Romanian Art

25 May 2013 - 09 Feb 2014

© Ciprian Muresan
I'm protesting against myself, 2011
25 May - 9 February 2014

From virtuoso figure painting to cool conceptual art. The new hotspot for contemporary art is Romania, and right now in the city of Cluj a young generation of artists is churning out works of art that are arousing attention internationally.

The exhibition turns the spotlight on contemporary art from Cluj with a selection of artists who work in a variety of media and idioms.

The memory of growing up in a Communist regime until 1989 and the transition to a new societal system are recurring themes for some artists. Others are preoccupied for example with investigating the formal and conceptual language of art across the boundaries of painting, performance, sculpture, video art and drawing. Common to all, though, is a strong historical consciousness of both the political history of Europe and the history of art.

The participating artists are Marius Bercea, Răzvan Botiş, Radu Cioca, Radu Comşa, Adrian Ghenie, Dan Măciucă, Ciprian Mureşan, Cristi Pogăcean, and Şerban Savu.

Tags: Marius Bercea, Razvan Botiş, Adrian Ghenie, Dan Maciuca, Ciprian Muresan, Cristi Pogacean, Serban Savu