Andreas Huber

About Premises and Promises

12 Sep - 31 Oct 2009

Cristiano Mangione, Ohne Titel, 2009
Gilbert Bretterbauer, Ohne Titel, 2009

Ausstellungsansicht about premises and promises
Galerie Andreas Huber, 12.09. - 31.10.2009

September 12 – October 31, 2009
Opening: Friday September 11, 2009 7 p.m.

The exhibition “about premises and promises” unites five positions which deal with the premises and promises of expanded image production. Based on simple but concise gestures, the artists invited overcome conventional terms of imagery. Especially by deliberately sparing the means, they show an openness that seemingly unites the contradictory, and at the same time effortlessly dissolves medial, spacial and contextual limits. In very different manners the works are expanded into the space, resp. the visitor or the space itself are integrated in the works’ content.
The adapted signs refer to states of human action, are abbreviations/transformations of activity.
Understood as sculptural marks within space, they are central switch- and processing points for all inbound stimuli and outbound impulses.
Gilbert Bretterbauer (born 1957, lives in Vienna) often operates with universal, space-consuming installations; cross-linkages that migrate from one medium to the other. By mixing art and design he creates a multilayered system of references that he uses to simulate various roles: as a partner for architects and designers, or, for instance with literary texts that recall the stream of consciousness of the Surrealists that represent a nexus of passively made observations and actively made decisions. A summary of his complex artistic oeuvre will be presented in the exhibition „Wiener Musterzimmer“ in the Belvedere in Vienna which opens in September.
Also Aleana Egans’ (born 1979, lives in Dublin and Berlin) sculptural work—his most recent works were shown in the Art Statements section at Art Basel this year—have literary references which the artist implements in intuitively and subjectively motivated transformation processes. Egans’ sculptures, collages, and drawings involve abstract forms, and are made of simple raw materials which are processed with dying and tackifying techniques. She often develops her sculptures within the context of the surrounding architecture of the respective exhibition space, or by means of precise analysis of the surrounding environment.
In his paintings, Daniel Lergon (born 1978, lives in Berlin) deals with physical phenomena and particularities of the visible spectrum. In doing so, the artist experiments with unusual materials, for instance with transparent paint on retro-reflexive fabric. He is currently preparing solo exhibitions at Almine Rech Gallery in Paris and Andersen’s Contemporary in Copenhagen which will open this autumn.
Like Lergon, Cristiano Mangione (born 1972, lives in Berlin) encounters the physical limits of painting. For instance, he fills large formats with meticulously dense ballpoint drawings in the style of informal paintings, which sometimes even pierce the canvas. His working method resembles that of a seismograph who transforms ongoing processes. Mangione doesn’t restrict these transfer processes to the canvas, but increasingly extends them to other base materials from his immediate surroundings like walls and window glass.
Tamuna Sirbiladze (born 1971, lives in Vienna) shows expressive gestural paintings which are only faintly reminiscent of the figurative beginnings of her painting career. These swiftly and seemingly spontaneously produced images deal with immediate pictorial transformation.

The exhibition is curated by Florian Schmidt, and is open from September 12 to October 31, 2009.

Tags: Daniel Lergon, Cristiano Mangione, Florian Schmidt, Tamuna Sirbiladze