Collage Effect

22 Apr - 20 May 2006


Fiona Banner (UK), Matt Bryans (UK), William Copley (US), Georg Grosz (DE), Martin Kippenberger (DE), Barry Le Va (US), Peter Madden (NZ), T. Kelly Mason (US), Liliana Moro (IT), Albert Oehlen (DE), Ava Seymour (NZ), Franz West (AT), Pae White (US).

1301PE is pleased to announce the opening of Collage Effect a survey exhibition of contemporary collage featuring works by artists such as Georg Grosz, Albert Oehlen, Franz West, Martin Kippenberger, Fiona Banner, and Liliana Moro.
Loosely defined collage is the treatment of things in the world as units of signifiers and codes. Or as J.Ronald Green writes in his essay on maximizing indeterminacy on collage in the artistic realms, “Collage is the evidence of the expanded field of authorship in the knowledge of which one must understand the already constructedness of any individual no matter how original and creative that individual...extends the individual”. From Dada and Surrealism, to Pop Art collage has played a vital role in nearly every phase of Modernism, Post Modernism and Contemporary Art in its assertion that art can be made from almost anything in any configuration. These artists are engaged in the exploring the collision of the incompatible and its limitless associative possibilities.

The evolution of collage has had definitive impact on how artists re-think painting, drawing and sculpture in terms of bringing the everyday into the artwork itself as well as serving as an improvisational guide or map to their process. Conversely, this incorporation has expanded the field of what collage can become.

The collage effect created by artists, such as Georg Grosz who rocked the status-quo by integrating objects from the world of machines and industry into the world of art as an anti-war stance or Martin Kippenberger who through the jousting of seductive images and allusions expresses his ideals and personality or Pae White who uses collage to expand the language & dialogue of her practice, is far reaching. We can find its impact in painting, sculpture, installation, video, music, writing, and advertising. This exhibition seeks to explore the creation of a new world with the existing world and how we are all making a collage in our lives.

For additional information please contact Alexis Johnson at (323) 938-5822.

Tags: Fiona Banner, Matt Bryans, William Copley, Martin Kippenberger, T. Kelly Mason, Liliana Moro, Albert Oehlen, Barry Le Va, Franz West, Pae White