Team Gallery

Old Black

06 Jun - 26 Jul 2013

© Banks Violette
Not Yet Titled, 2011
powder coated steel
62 x 288 x 66 inches
Harold Ancart, Edith Dekyndt, Robert Janitz, Donald Moffett, Jack Pierson, Mariah Robertson, and Banks Violette
(organized by Todd von Ammon)
6 June – 26 July 2013

Team (gallery, inc.) is pleased to present a group exhibition entitled Old Black organized by Todd von Ammon. The exhibition will run from 06 June through 26 July 2013. Team (gallery, inc.) is located at 47 Wooster Street, cross streets Broome and Grand. Concurrently, our 83 Grand Street space will house a solo exhibition by Andreas Schulze entitled Windows.

“They set forth in a crimson dawn where sky and earth closed in a razorous plane. Out there dark little archipelagos of cloud and the vast world of sand and scrub shearing upward into the shoreless void where those blue islands trembled and the earth grew uncertain, gravely canted and veering out through tinctures of rose and the dark beyond the dawn to the uttermost rebate of space.” (1)

Named after Neil Young's most used guitar — a worn out, heavily modified 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop — Old Black is an ensemble of works by artists whose shared tactic is the abuse, distortion and misuse of standardized methods of making. The collaborative strategy of the show is to evoke a mood that ricochets between an abject melancholy and a jagged tension as commonly reflected in filmic visions of dystopia. Old Black could be viewed as a display of artwork culled out of a used-up and burned-out occidental landscape — a future we've already seen and bonded with through the pessimistic but curious lenses of film and literature.

Old Black will include sculptural objects and spatial interventions by Harold Ancart, Edith Dekyndt and Banks Violette; photographs by Jack Pierson and Mariah Robertson; and paintings by Robert Janitz and Donald Moffett.

Tags: Harold Ancart, Edith Dekyndt, Robert Janitz, Donald Moffett, Jack Pierson, Mariah Robertson, Andreas Schulze, Banks Violette